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Best Stocking Filler Gifts For Men

Fishface True Utility Christmas gifts for men

Best Stocking Filler Gifts For Men

It’s often difficult choosing gifts that will make a man 100% happy at Christmas. From multi-tools to pocket flashlights, you’ll find the best gifts for men here at True Utility. We can alleviate the stress of buying at Christmas by giving you solutions to buying gifts for men, whether it be your partner, husband, brother, friend or dad. Is your man a DIY freak, does he care about his everyday carry? Here are 5 great stocking filler gifts for men:


FishFace– The new KeyTool. This multitool is the perfect pocket tool, possessing an incredible 18 functions. Any everyday carry enthusiast would love this tool. FishFace is no bigger than a standard house key. Click here for more details on the FishFace, including all it’s 18 functions and specification.


The smallest telescopic pen in the world- TelePen. This telescopic pen is one of our best stocking filler gifts for men, at just 50mm when closed. However, with one simple pull the TelePen extends to 115mm to make it easy to use. Let your man impress by pulling out this stylish extendable pen in his next meeting or function.

Cycle On

The Cycle-On is a great present for under the tree. If your man is a keen cyclist, this tool is perfect for him. 30 functions are packed into its cleverly designed thin frame, making the Cycle-On the slimmest bike multitool in the world.  Check it out more here:


With the impressive title of being the smallest waterproof lighter in the world, enjoy the FireStash come rain or shine. With a dark chrome plated zinc alloy body, this lighter is compact, yet tough and solid.


One of the best selling multitool’s is the FIXR, with a massive 20 functions. Equipped with a carabiner clip, the FIXR is great for any man with a passion for DIY. If you need any quick jobs done around the house this Christmas, the FIXR will come to your rescue. Click here for more details on the FIXR.


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The Worlds Slimmest Bike Tool

The worlds slimmest bike tool | 30-in-1 Bike Tool: Cycle-On

True Utility have just launched Cycle-On, the worlds slimmest bike tool.

Cycle-On incorporates 30 different and essential tools for maintaining and fixing your bike when on the go. Built from Black Titanium coated 420 grade stainless steel, this incredible solution measures in at just 12mm thick at it’s thickest point. Despite the vast array of built in tools it only weighs 140g making it your perfect cycling companion!

Unlike many conventional bike tools with the Cycle-On, the aim was to achieve a thin and lightweight design whilst retaining the maximum amount of functionality for cyclists. This was to make it a truly universal product that should always be carried with you; whether you’re cycling to work or mountain biking cross country.

“The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts”

Cycle-On has a modular body. This allows for different configurations to achieve different goals on-the-go. One configuration will provide greater torque on that hard to move bolt, while other configurations allow the tool to be used as a bit driver or even as a strong cutting tool.

The Cycle-On has been under development by True Utility for more than 12 months and will be available in October of 2017. Led by Lee Berman, it was developed by the small and focused UK design team based in the South of England.

To celebrate the launch we have had a limited run made from 100% titanium that will be available to our early supporters.

Visit to find out more.

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MiKey | Keys and tools together

Say goodbye to bulky, noisy and unpractical key rings. Keep your keys safe, neatly stacked and looking great with the MiKey, and keep some life-essential tools by your side whenever you need them.

Arrange your keys into a neat stack to reduce scratches on your other belongings, and rustling inside your pocket when on the move. Nine times out of ten we see huge bulky key rings with keys that won’t be used for months or years at a time. When using the MiKey, we really try to promote minimalism. Attempt to reduce the amount of unnecessary items on your key ring and keep only the most important ones. Hold up to 4 keys securely. For all those odd shaped accessories or car keys, simply clip them onto either the military style carabiner clip gate, or the split ring loop hole.

The awesome line-up of tools that the MiKey features will never fail to impress. You will be carrying not only your keys, but small and medium sized flat blade screwdrivers, a bottle opener, a file,  nail cleaners and a wire cutter. The tools can be simply folded in and out and slots very neatly behind your keys.

If you’re worried about losing the MiKey, you can securely attach it to just about anything using the secure sprung gate clip.

Manufactured to a quality unlike any other, every last detail has been carefully considered, from the 420 grade stainless steel, all the way down to the finding the selection of necessary tools needed for life’s little situations.

Carry the MiKey wherever and whenever you need it, ideal for travel buffs, commuting or anyone looking to upgrade their key ring to something sleek, modern and functional.

This is the key to simplicity.

Connect better to your everyday carry with the MiKey.

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True Utility Connect Range | New Website

True Utility Connect Range

Here at True Utility we’re all very excited about the launch of the brand new Connect range. The True Utility Connect range is here to give you a better way to carry your everyday essentials for the trials of modern life. To celebrate we’ve launched a new website just for the Connect!

Just click here to learn more about the True Utility Connect range and get an in-depth look at this brand new selection of everyday carry tools and bags.

The connect range has been designed to streamline your everyday routine. From organising your keys with style to keeping your essentials secure, Connect has got it covered. Keep your essentials close, secure and easily accessible.

See the full True Utility Connect range here


Check out some of the fantastic feedback the Connect range has received below…

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 10.08.51
Click here to shop the full Connect range now!



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The FIXR 20 tools in 1

True Utility FIXR

Engineered in black titanium coated 422 grade stainless steel with a silver stainless steel disc, rotating on sprung stainless steel ball bearings – The True Utility FIXR is flat, light, strong, and infinitely useful.

Clips to anything and is always ready for use, with the most useful array of tools possible within such a small space. The rotating tool plate serves to protect and keep all the tools safe when the The True Utility FIXR is not in use, or simply twists with a push of your thumb on its sprung bearings to click definitively into set positions to use the driver bits, nail cleaner, extra sockets, razor sharp cutter and wire stripper.

The functions of the FIXR:

1. Quick Release Clip

2. Bottle Opener

3. Nail Cleaner

4. Large Flat Screwdriver

5. Medium Flat Screwdriver

6. Small Flat Eyeglass Screwdriver

7. Medium Phillips Screwdriver

8. Small Phillips Screwdriver

9. 14mm Spanner/Wrench

10. 12mm Spanner/Wrench

11. 10mm Spanner/Wrench

12. 8mm Spanner/Wrench

13. 6mm Spanner/Wrench

14. Bicycle Spoke Wrench

15. Razor Sharp Cutting Blade

16. Wire Stripper

17. Measuring Ruler

18. Box Opener

19. Pry Bar

20. File

Click here to learn more about and order the The True Utility FIXR Multi-Tool.