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NanoLite – The Smallest Flashlight in the World

NanoLite- Small Keyring Flashlight

Measuring only 1.4 inches (36 mm) in length and weighing just 5 grams, the True NanoLite is a small keyring flashlight. A handy, bright key-ring torch really and ideal piece of Everyday Carry gear. With such a small size and weight, True Utility NanoLite fits perfectly on a keyring. With minimalist design and simple twist on/off function, the LED bulb produces an impressive 4 lumens of light.

The NanoLite boast the title of being the smallest flashlight in the world. Made from solid brass with electro plated silver finish, the NanoLite is light but strong.

Click here to learn more about the NanoLite

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We’ve Seen The Light – Introducing the True Utility® LifeLite

True Utility LifeLite- keyring flashlight

We have got some great news here at the True Utility headquarters, 2016 has delivered not one, but five exciting new products, the latest in every day carry essentials. Introducing the True Utility Lifelite, a fully rechargeable keyring flashlight unlike any other. Featuring two power modes:

– HIGH | 30 lumens + 1-hour runtime

– LOW | 5 lumens + 5-hour runtime

The LifeLite is unique in the fact that it is the world’s smallest, fully rechargeable flashlight, and when we say small, we really mean it, weighing in at just 16 grams.

The chrome plated body gives the LifeLite a sleek, timeless appearance, with the added durability of an integrated rubber power switch and polycarbonate base.


– Chrome plated body, polycarbonate face

– L56mm x W20mm x D6mm

– USB to microUSB cable included

– Water resistant

The limits to LifeLite’s uses are almost endless. Whether you are struggling to find your keyhole on a dark evening, need to illuminate a map, wheel dust caps or have dropped something in your car, attach LifeLite to your keyring and use the light whenever you need it. There is no need for consistently buying and replacing expensive batteries, as the USB cable provided can be simply plugged straight into your PC and recharged.

We’ve seen the light, have you?

You can learn more about and order the True Utility LifeLite here.

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True Utility TrollyDolly- Shopping trolley release tool

Check out this video of our shopping trolley release tool, TrollyDolly, in action!

This shopping trolley release tool simply pushes into the pound/euro slot in most supermarket trolleys and pulls out again to free the trolley without having to use a coin! Using aircraft standard 420 grade stainless steel and measuring a small 65mm, fitting in neatly with your other accesories on the key-chain is no problem.

It also features a Bottle Opener, flat head Screwdriver and a quick release stainless steel CleverClip.

Click here to learn more about and order the TrollyDolly.

Click this link to read the What Is The Best? review of the TrollyDolly

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Watch Jim using the new FIXR – 20 tools in 1


A ‘Revolution’ in Multi tools!  The new FIXR from True Utility is flat, light, strong, and infinitely useful. Clips to anything and is always ready for use. The most useful array of tools possible in the smallest of spaces, with 20 available functions engineered into one compact, strong and durable pocket tool. Functions include: screwdrivers, wrenches, measuring ruler, wire stripper, bottle opener and many more.

Check out Jim, our biggest fan, using his new favourite multi tool!

Click here to learn more about and order the new FIXR.

Click here to watch Jim try out some other products, as well as more videos of the FIXR

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Pocket Sized Leverage – Introducing the True Utility® Multiplier

Compact Multitool Multiplier

We have got some great news here at the True Utility headquarters, 2016 has delivered not one, but five exciting new products, the latest in every day carry essentials. We’d like to introduce you to the compact multitool, MultiPlier

When it comes to combination tools, we know our stuff. Something we see more and more of, is producers trying their hardest to pack every tool under the sun inside a badly designed frame, which tends to fail at the first hurdle when in the field.

We believe in quality and ease of use, whilst providing the necessary tools is paramount. This is why we have built the MultiPlier, an ergonomically designed multitool, built to last. It carries the essentials, without the unwanted.

FEATURES: Sprung pliers; Wire cutter; Flat screwdriver; Phillips screwdriver; Bottle opener; Non locking UK legal carry knife (serrated); Black stainless steel body; L83 mm x W25 mm x D9 mm

The MultiPlier is the ideal solution to everyday issues. With the built in quick release carabiner clip, the tool can be easily attached to your bag, belt loop or keyring. Whether you have a loose screw that needs tightening, a bottle cap to open, some rope to cut through or a bolt to unscrew, the Multiplier has got it covered.


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The man-bag, but not as you know it

Connect EDC BAG compact, spacious 'man bag'

Say hello to a new era of everyday carry essentials. The Connect range has been designed to better connect you and your essentials, and this small man bag, Connect EDC bag, does exactly that.

It is time to unlearn what you think you know, the man-bag is back, and this time; it won’t ever leave your side again.

The EDC Bag has ample space for your essentials. It is quite astonishing just how much can be packed into such a compact product.

With such an incredible array of features to host your everyday carry items securely, you will never fail to find a slot to keep your gear secure, organised and always within reach. Manufactured to a quality unlike any other, every last detail has been carefully considered, from the Para cord attachment loop, to the protected headphone eyelet holes, all the way down to the rot-proof, high tensile nylon stitching.

Carry this bag wherever and whenever you need it, perfect for travel buffs, outdoorsmen and urban soldiers. Whether it is inside your weekend bag full of toiletries, attached to your belt and filled with your photography gear or in your glove box to organise your pocket tools, this bag is for everyone. Available in both olive green and black to suit your style preference.

This is the man bag, but not as you know it.

Connect better to your everyday carry with this small man bag EDC Bag.



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Introducing the new NEBO® Bright Ideas range.

NEBO® Bright Ideas Range

Introducing the new NEBO® Bright Ideas range.

Bright Ideas, one of the world’s bestselling lines of innovative, consumer-friendly flashlights and tools. Every product comes with a TRY ME button and a spare set of Duracell batteries. Customers love to TRY before they BUY. NEBO® Bright Ideas are well suited for Outdoor Enthusiasts, Camping, Travel, Auto, Garden, Home and Gift. NEBO® Bright Ideas range offers a perfect product to your every customer.

Work lights…flashlights and everything in between, NEBO® offers numerous innovative solutions for your every day or every night lighting needs.

Why not check out True Utility’s range of pocket sized, unique flashlights. Just click here.


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The Bare Necessities – Introducing the True Utility® Bare Knife

When we designed this stainless steel knife, we wanted to create something that was simple, but effective. Too often, we see everyday carry items becoming overly complicated, trying to be too clever and pretending to be something they are not; The Bare is anything but that.

Stripped back to the blade, this is the simplest and most effective product we have designed to date. It is extremely lightweight, without compromising on build quality; weighing in at just 16 grams.


– 4cm stainless steel locking blade
– Quick release pin

Featuring its quick release pin, the BARE will always remain safely and securely locked when the blade is not in use. Simply pull the quick release pin to release the blade from your keyring or bag.


– Black titanium coated blade, 420 high grade stainless steel
– Size closed: L55 mm x W11 mm
– Size open: L104 mm x W11mm

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Jim Gets Even Luckier

Keyring Pen- Telepen

This keyring pen, the TelePen, measures just 50mm but extends to 115mm. The TelePen is designed with your convenience in mind. With just one quick pull it instantly extends and is ready to use. Simply attach to your keyring, and be ever ready for on-the-go note taking.

Made from 420 grade stainless steel for an enduring product, the TelePen also comes supplied with 3 black ink cartridges.

This week Jim’s been at the Pub and he’s got even luckier. Watch as this gorgeous girl gets all hot and bothered over his tool.

Click here to learn more about and order, Telepen!

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Man’s best friend – Introducing the True Utility® DAWG

DIY Multitool- DAWG- Attached to a bag

We have got some great news here at the True Utility headquarters, 2016 has delivered not one, but five exciting new products, the latest in every day carry essentials. Introducing the unusual but clever DIY multitool, the DAWG. Raising the bar in multi-tool functionality, this 14 in 1 essential tool kit is compact and, whilst being built to last. It literally eats up everyday chores. Flight safe designed so you can take it with you when travelling.

Perfect for everyday carry, this DIY multitool houses everything you need and looks good too. Enjoy its many uses – from every day DIY jobs to cracking open a cold one in the park, you’ll be depending on this mate for years to come.


– 2x Flat screwdrivers

– 6x Spanners
– Bottle opener


– Black stainless steel body

– L83 mm x W25 mm x D9 mm

Click here to learnn more about and order the DAWG.