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Pocket tool display trays True Utility

True Utility products now come in fast selling pocket tool display trays (6 units).

Simply add a product specific point of sale card to the rear of each tray and watch them sell! Choose from our best sellers, such as the Telescopic Pen and the FIXR, to fill your display trays up.

As with all our products, they are packaged in a unique waterproof, durable and strong packaging. This packaging can be used to store precious valuable out of harms way, giving the tools an extra appeal and adding value

Please click this link if you would like to purchase any of our products and become an authorised True Utility distributor.


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KEYRANGER® Secure, neat, organised.

Say hello to a new era of everyday carry essentials.

The Connect range has been designed to better connect you and your essentials, and the KEYRANGER does exactly that, working as a key organiser.

Say goodbye to bulky, noisy and unpractical keyrings. Keep your keys safe, neatly stacked and looking great with the KEYRANGER.

Arrange your keys into a neat stack to eliminate scratches on your other belongings, and rustling inside your pocket when on the move.

Nine times out of ten we see huge bulky keyrings with keys that won’t be used for months or years at a time. When using the KEYRANGER, we really try to promote minimalism. Attempt to reduce the amount of unnecessary items on your keyring and keep only the most important ones. Hold up to 4 keys securely inside the genuine leather protective casing. For all those odd shaped accessories or car keys, simply clip them onto either the military style carabiner clip gate, or the split ring loop hole.

Manufactured to a quality unlike any other, every last detail has been carefully considered, from the 420 grade stainless steel hand tightening tension bolts, all the way down to the finding the perfect thickness of the genuine calf hide leather. Carry the KEYRANGER wherever and whenever you need it, ideal for travel buffs, commuting or anyone looking to upgrade their keyring to something sleek, modern and functional.

This is the key to simplicity.

Connect better to your everyday carry with the KEYRANGER.

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Probably the best clips you will ever own

The Connect range has been designed to better connect you and your essentials, and the Snaptrap does exactly that.

The missing link is here.

Secure your everyday carry in style with the Snaptrap.

The Snaptrap is here to connect your essential carry, whether you are connecting your flashlight to your rucksack loop, using it to tension guy ropes or clipping all your tools to your belt loop, the Snaptrap has got it covered.

Manufactured to a quality unlike any other, every last detail has been carefully considered, from the fine blanked 420 grade stainless steel , all the way down to the U.S military style secure sprung gates.

Carry the Snaptrap wherever and whenever you need it, ideal for travel buffs, commuting or anyone looking to keep their essentials secured, but available at the flick of a switch.

Connect better to your everyday carry with the Snaptrap.

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TelePen Featured in Urban Prepper’s Urban Altoids Survival Tin (v2.0)

Urban Prepper Review Mini Telescopic Pen: TelePen

One of our best everyday carry items, the TelePen has been featured in Urban Prepper’s awesome Urban Altoids Survival Tin (v2.0) video. Urban Prepper’s ingenious mini survival kit has all the necessary essentials and the mini telescopic pen, TelePen, makes a valuable addition.

The TelePen is a True Utility classic and is perfect for EDC. The mini telescopic pen is a small as your door key but extends into a full length ball point pen with one tug. You can attach the TelePen to your key-ring or anything else you fancy, so it is always there and readily available to jot down a phone number, shopping list or address . Its stainless steel body means the pen is light weight while still being hard wearing and durable. Get yours here for just £7.99.

Check out Urban Preppers YouTube and make sure you like his Facebook page! Click here to learn more about and buy the Telepen!

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Not Big, But Definitely Clever – Introducing the TrueUtility® Telepen

Telepen: Small Telescopic Pen attached to a keyring

Some of the most popular products that we produce have to be the telescopic pens for which we now have several in our range. However, as we always like to raise the bar with all of the items we design, we have brought you another one, and it’s even better than before. Introducing the small telescopic pen: Telepen.


– Ball point pen

– Telescopic (<100mm)

– 3x refills included (black ink)

– Magnetic cap

– V-clip keyring attachment built into the lid

If you’re anything like me, then you will have experienced a time when you are on the phone and you need to write down a number. Except the only thing is, you can’t find a pen, so you carry on regardless trying to keep the information in your mind, and then despite your efforts, you forget it. It is scenarios just like these that the TelePen eliminates. With your TelePen attached to your keyring, it will always be at your side, ready to use when you need it as a handy, small telescopic pen.


– Brushed stainless steel tubing, anodised aircraft grade aluminium body

– L50mm (closed) x L115mm (open)

The TelePen has been crafted with functionality and elegance in mind. Brushed stainless steel tubing is encased within an anodised aircraft grade aluminium body. The pen fully extends up to 140mm and has a truly luxurious feel when in hand. The pen is firmly secured to your keyring when not in use thanks to the strong magnetic lid.

So as you can see, it isn’t very big, but it definitely is clever.

You can learn more about and order the Telepen here.

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Have you met Jim? He’s Our Biggest Fan!

CashStash: Cash Capsule attached to a keyring

He’s the luckiest guy we know with the ladies…  He’s got all the girls swooning over his tool! Watch Jim get lucky when his first date is saved by the CashStash – an emergency key-ring cash capsule that stores one note of any currency. The CashStash features a unique patented Cash-clip which secures the note. As small as your keys, the CashStash fits perfectly on a keyring.

Aside from it’s compact size, the CashStash is also waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about your cash!

Click here to learn more about and order the CashStash.

Read 4 All Outdoors review of CashStash here

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Are you following us on Instagram?

True Utility Instagram @true.utility

We now have a True Utility Instagram so you can keep up to date with all the news and new products at True Utility. We are always sharing glossy images of our awesome products and any new products on the way!

Instagram is a great way of allowing us to connect with our customers through sharing pictures. We love to hear how much you guys enjoy our stuff, and so seeing your images featuring your favourite True Utility tool makes us very happy! Tag us (@true.utility) in your next post and we’ll give you a shout out!

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