The most essential ‘tool’ in the World is money!

The BulletStash is a patented, solid brass, secret cash container is modelled on a real Magnum bullet. It’s designed to hold a single emergency cash note. This ‘Last Shot’ will save the day by paying for a round of drinks or a cab home. Never run out of cash again! Simply add cash to make a perfect gift…

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The BulletStash is an essential EDC to have if you’re in need of extra cash.

We’ve all been there, you’ve just spent that last bit of money on a round of drinks, and you’ve treated yourself and the guy next to you to a kebab, forgetting you need to get a taxi. The petrol light has come on and you’ve left your wallet in the kitchen at home. There’s always that time when the reliance on a credit card doesn’t cut it, you need cash and you need it now.

The BulletStash, ensures this never happens. Similar function to the CashStash, however, this handy pocket tool uses a container modelled on a genuine magnum bullet! The BulletStash keeps your note safe and dry with a neoprene ‘O’ ring, which makes it completely waterproof.

An excellent gift for anyone, especially if you put cash in it.

Additional information


Length: 46mm
Width: 13mm




Solid copper tip
Stainless steel cash clip


357 Magnum bullet
Fits one note (any currency)


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