Connect SNAPTRAP Switch


Revolutionary twin gate clip

Attach the Snaptrap® Switch directly to your keys or connect to just about anything else. U.S. Military style secure sprung gates. The Snaptrap Switch has an incredible lab tested breaking strain of up to 75kg / 165lb!

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Connect Snaptrap Switch is a slimmer and lighter version of our twin gate clip Connect SNAPTRAP. Although the Switch is smaller than the Snaptrap, measuring just 52mm in length and 13mm in width, it still boast an incredible breaking strain of 75kg/165lb.

Equipped with a strong twin gate clip to link, join, hold, fasten or attach. Made from black titanium and 420 grade stainless steel, the U.S. Military style secure sprung gates have a laboratory tested breaking strain of up to 75kg. Connecting two things together has never been easier!

The high quality titanium and stainless stell adds a multitude of benefits to the Snaptrap Switch. Using these high grade metals makes the clip extermemely light (8g) yet incredibly strong and durable.

As with all our products, this pocket-sized lighter comes with a waterproof and solid giftbox, ideal for putting your valuables in.


Additional information


Length: 52mm
Width: 13mm
Depth: 7mm




420 grade stainless steel
Black titanium coated gates


U.S. Military style secure sprung gates
75kg / 165lb breaking strain *lab tested
Superior quality fine blanking technique
Hardwearing black titanium coated gate


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