FireStash + – Small, Waterproof Keyring Lighter

The FireStash Plus is an unbelievably small waterproof key-ring canister which houses a fully working lighter that is ready to ignite at your command. Attach to your key-ring for essential outdoor use. Refill with standard lighter fuel.

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The FireStash+ lighter, is small, waterproof and robust, using similar designs and features as the FireStash. Fitting to your bag or keyring using a quick release clip lid, never go with a lighter again. Due to the small size of the lighter, 72mm, it blends perfectly with other accessories and keys you may have on your keyring

Made from brushed zinc alloy, the matte silver finish gives the FireStash+ a minimalist and aesthetic look.

A neoprene ‘O’ ring secures the lighter from any water, meaning you have a working lighter even in the pouring rain. Refill the lighter with standard lighter fuel for repeated use.

As with all our products, this pocket-sized lighter comes with a waterproof and solid giftbox, ideal for putting your valuables in.

Additional information


Length: 72mm
Width: 17mm
Depth: 14mm




Brushed zinc alloy


Quick release clip lid
Attaches to anything
Waterproof neoprene O ring
Refillable with lighter fluid


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