Powerful LED Torch & Laser beam

A powerful LED torch and red laser beam in a perfect to carry key-ring size. Comes with 3 batteries included, pen clip and key-ring spinner.

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The LaserLite is a two function torch, combining a red laser beam with a powerful LED torch. Never be stuck in the dark again when equipped with this useful everyday carry.

The laser beam a CE Certified Grade 2 beam, whilst the torch features an impressive 8+ lumen LED bulb. Designed to light any spaces as a handy torch, or as a pointer for presentation and speeches.

The LaserLite is designed with your convenience in mind. You can clip it to your person with a removable pen clip, or simply attach to your keyring with a keyring spinner attachment provided. Designed with a satin black coated brass body, making a sturdy and durable torch.

Included: 3 batteries


Additional information


Length: 72mm
Width: 13mm
Depth: 13mm




Satin black coated brass body
Stainless steel clip


8+ lumen LED bulb
50 hours runtime
CE certified \'Class 2\' red laser
Pen clip
Keyring spinner included



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