LifeLite – The smallest rechargeable flashlight in the World!

The LifeLite, a lithium powered pocket rocket, delivering a long lasting 5 lumens on low and an awesome 30 lumens on high.  Simply attach to your keyring or bag and have bright light without ever having to replace the batteries. Durable and lightweight – Made from chrome alloy with shockproof poly-carbonate face.

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The LifeLite is a lithium powered pocket light, producing a maximum of 30 lumens to light your way. Attachable to a keyring and compact in design, this flashlight is easy to carry around for whenever you should need to use it.

There’s no need for replacing batteries. The LifeLite is USB rechargeable, making it as user-friendly as possible. Run it on low power (5 lumens) for 5 hours, or on high power (30 lumens) for an hour.

True Utility are always focused on using the best materials for our products. This multitool is made from chrome alloy with a shockproof poly-carbonate face, making it durable and lightweight- perfect for a keychain accessory.


Additional information


Length: 56mm
Width: 20mm
Depth: 6mm




Chrome plated metal body
Polycarbonate face


2 Power modes:
HIGH, 30 lumens + 1 hour runtime
LOW, 5 lumens + 5 hour runtime
USB rechargeable (cable inc.)
Water resistant

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  1. Peter Sanderson

    After ordering the LifeLite I am delighted with the product which appears to be a fine piece of British craftsmanship and design, and wish to thank you once again for your excellent support.

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