10 Tools in 1 All the essentials in one tool.


A Mini Multitool Bursting With Essentials Small, Strong, and packed with Tools – this stylish MiniMulti packs in a tremendous array of essential tools. Giving you everything you are likely to need; including Pliers and Wire Cutters, Large and Medium Flat Screwdrivers, Phillips Screwdriver, Scissors, Saw, Bottle Opener, and Non-locking Knife (UK legal carry). Fabricated in high quality stainless steel with detailed stainless steel easy grip cover plates.


True Utility MiniMulti is a cleverly designed 10-in-1 multi tool, with a slender frame for ease of carrying and quick use. Equipped with a built in carabiner clip, attach this multi tool to your person, key ring or bag.

Made with 420 grade stainless steel with easy grip cover plates, the MiniMulti is strong, reliable, comfortable to use and essential if you’re looking for key ring multi tool.

Features of the tool are: Large Flat Screwdriver; Medium Flat Screwdriver; Phillips Screwdriver; Scissors; Saw Blade; Bottle Opener; Non Locking Knife (UK legal carry); File; Pliers; Wire Cutters;

As with all our products, this multi tool is packaged in a weatherproof and reusable case, meaning you can use it to store your precious valuables.



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