NailClip Kit


NailClip Kit – Cleverly designed and incredibly compact

Flick out nail clippers, nail file, screwdriver, scissors, knife and keyring attachment.

The NailClip Kit contains man sized super strong and sharp nail clippers for the hardest nails. Clippers spring out from the ergonomically shaped Stainless steel body. It also houses a sharp blade, nail file, and flat edged screwdriver and a pair of self sprung sharp scissors.


The NailClip Kit is a cleverly designed tool, equiped with six functions to help you keep well groomed and comfortable. Using 422 grade stainless steel, the nail clippers are exceptionally sharp for the hardest nails. Included in the compact design, fits self sprung scissors and a nail file, which are an ideal partner for the nail clippers. Aside from these functions, the NailClip Kit comes with a flat edged screwdriver and a knife for a more hands-on practical function. The NailClip Kit is cleverly designed and incredibly compact, with each of the tools fitting around each other, forming the tiny 56mm stainless steel body.

An easy fit it in your wash bag or clip it to your keyring and never go without grooming tools again

Additional information


Length: 56mm
Width: 15mm
Depth: 9mm




422 grade stainless steel


Flick-out nail clippers
Nail file
Flathead screwdriver
Keyring attachment



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