The smallest flashlight in the World!

This solid brass miniature flashlight runs on powerful hearing aid batteries (3 full sets included). With its minimalist design and simple twist on/off function, it delivers an essential, super lightweight, everyday carry light.

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True Utility NanoLite is the smallest flashlight in the world, measuring an tiny 36mm in length. With its extremely compact size, this light is a perfect addition to your keyring, having the power light by your side all of the time. A must-have everyday carry !

The NanoLite measures 36mm in length and 7.5mm in width. The weight of the torch is just 5g, meaning the torch blends in perfectly on your keyring with ease. The LED bulb produces 4 lumens of light- impressive for its size. Turn the light on with a simple and easy to use twist on/off function. True Utility have designed this minimalist torch to be water resistant, so you can rely on it in any situation

As with all of our products, we use the finest materials. The NanoLite is crafted from solid brass with an electro plated silver finish, making it durable and lasting.

Included: 12x hearing aid batteries(3x full sets) and a keyring spinner attachment.


Additional information


Length: 36mm
Width: 7.5mm
Depth: 7.5mm




Solid brass with electro plated silver finish


4 lumens LED bulb
0.22 watt output
Water resistant
12x hearing aid batteries included (3x full sets)
Keyring spinner attachment



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