Flashlight and secret stash

StashLite is a stylish ultra bright water resistant flashlight and stash. Measuring only 71mm and attaches to your key-ring. Not only does it light your way, but hides spare cash, matches, fishing hooks or simply headache pills. 4 x long life batteries included.

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StashLite is a stylish, bright and water resistant flashlight and stash compartment.  The flashlight provides a 2 hour runtime, whilst boasting a stylish slim line design. Need to light the way? The ultra bright bulb is capable of this, using 1 watt ouput and producing 25 lumens. Crafted from aircraft grade adodized aluminium and a stainless steel cash clip, the StashLite is durable, strong and reliable.

The cash clip feature is extremely useful if you need some extra cash or needing to store anything in the hollow compartment. If you’re ever in need of an extra bit of money, the StashLite can be relied upon in your hour of need. With the ability to attatch to a key ring, take it wherever you are going to avoid disappointment

Additional information


Length: 71mm
Width: 21mm
Depth: 21mm




Aircraft grade adodized aluminium
Stainless steel cash clip


1 watt ouput
25 lumens
2 hour runtime
Neoprene O ring
3x batteries included
Stash section



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