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MiKey | Keys and tools together

Say goodbye to bulky, noisy and unpractical key rings. Keep your keys safe, neatly stacked and looking great with the MiKey, and keep some life-essential tools by your side whenever you need them.

Arrange your keys into a neat stack to reduce scratches on your other belongings, and rustling inside your pocket when on the move. Nine times out of ten we see huge bulky key rings with keys that won’t be used for months or years at a time. When using the MiKey, we really try to promote minimalism. Attempt to reduce the amount of unnecessary items on your key ring and keep only the most important ones. Hold up to 4 keys securely. For all those odd shaped accessories or car keys, simply clip them onto either the military style carabiner clip gate, or the split ring loop hole.

The awesome line-up of tools that the MiKey features will never fail to impress. You will be carrying not only your keys, but small and medium sized flat blade screwdrivers, a bottle opener, a file,  nail cleaners and a wire cutter. The tools can be simply folded in and out and slots very neatly behind your keys.

If you’re worried about losing the MiKey, you can securely attach it to just about anything using the secure sprung gate clip.

Manufactured to a quality unlike any other, every last detail has been carefully considered, from the 420 grade stainless steel, all the way down to the finding the selection of necessary tools needed for life’s little situations.

Carry the MiKey wherever and whenever you need it, ideal for travel buffs, commuting or anyone looking to upgrade their key ring to something sleek, modern and functional.

This is the key to simplicity.

Connect better to your everyday carry with the MiKey.

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True Utility TrollyDolly- Shopping trolley release tool

Check out this video of our shopping trolley release tool, TrollyDolly, in action!

This shopping trolley release tool simply pushes into the pound/euro slot in most supermarket trolleys and pulls out again to free the trolley without having to use a coin! Using aircraft standard 420 grade stainless steel and measuring a small 65mm, fitting in neatly with your other accesories on the key-chain is no problem.

It also features a Bottle Opener, flat head Screwdriver and a quick release stainless steel CleverClip.

Click here to learn more about and order the TrollyDolly.

Click this link to read the What Is The Best? review of the TrollyDolly

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The man-bag, but not as you know it

Connect EDC BAG compact, spacious 'man bag'

Say hello to a new era of everyday carry essentials. The Connect range has been designed to better connect you and your essentials, and this small man bag, Connect EDC bag, does exactly that.

It is time to unlearn what you think you know, the man-bag is back, and this time; it won’t ever leave your side again.

The EDC Bag has ample space for your essentials. It is quite astonishing just how much can be packed into such a compact product.

With such an incredible array of features to host your everyday carry items securely, you will never fail to find a slot to keep your gear secure, organised and always within reach. Manufactured to a quality unlike any other, every last detail has been carefully considered, from the Para cord attachment loop, to the protected headphone eyelet holes, all the way down to the rot-proof, high tensile nylon stitching.

Carry this bag wherever and whenever you need it, perfect for travel buffs, outdoorsmen and urban soldiers. Whether it is inside your weekend bag full of toiletries, attached to your belt and filled with your photography gear or in your glove box to organise your pocket tools, this bag is for everyone. Available in both olive green and black to suit your style preference.

This is the man bag, but not as you know it.

Connect better to your everyday carry with this small man bag EDC Bag.