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The Worlds Slimmest Bike Tool

The worlds slimmest bike tool | 30-in-1 Bike Tool: Cycle-On

True Utility have just launched Cycle-On, the worlds slimmest bike tool.

Cycle-On incorporates 30 different and essential tools for maintaining and fixing your bike when on the go. Built from Black Titanium coated 420 grade stainless steel, this incredible solution measures in at just 12mm thick at it’s thickest point. Despite the vast array of built in tools it only weighs 140g making it your perfect cycling companion!

Unlike many conventional bike tools with the Cycle-On, the aim was to achieve a thin and lightweight design whilst retaining the maximum amount of functionality for cyclists. This was to make it a truly universal product that should always be carried with you; whether you’re cycling to work or mountain biking cross country.

“The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts”

Cycle-On has a modular body. This allows for different configurations to achieve different goals on-the-go. One configuration will provide greater torque on that hard to move bolt, while other configurations allow the tool to be used as a bit driver or even as a strong cutting tool.

The Cycle-On has been under development by True Utility for more than 12 months and will be available in October of 2017. Led by Lee Berman, it was developed by the small and focused UK design team based in the South of England.

To celebrate the launch we have had a limited run made from 100% titanium that will be available to our early supporters.

Visit to find out more.

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We’ve Seen The Light – Introducing the True Utility® LifeLite

True Utility LifeLite- keyring flashlight

We have got some great news here at the True Utility headquarters, 2016 has delivered not one, but five exciting new products, the latest in every day carry essentials. Introducing the True Utility Lifelite, a fully rechargeable keyring flashlight unlike any other. Featuring two power modes:

– HIGH | 30 lumens + 1-hour runtime

– LOW | 5 lumens + 5-hour runtime

The LifeLite is unique in the fact that it is the world’s smallest, fully rechargeable flashlight, and when we say small, we really mean it, weighing in at just 16 grams.

The chrome plated body gives the LifeLite a sleek, timeless appearance, with the added durability of an integrated rubber power switch and polycarbonate base.


– Chrome plated body, polycarbonate face

– L56mm x W20mm x D6mm

– USB to microUSB cable included

– Water resistant

The limits to LifeLite’s uses are almost endless. Whether you are struggling to find your keyhole on a dark evening, need to illuminate a map, wheel dust caps or have dropped something in your car, attach LifeLite to your keyring and use the light whenever you need it. There is no need for consistently buying and replacing expensive batteries, as the USB cable provided can be simply plugged straight into your PC and recharged.

We’ve seen the light, have you?

You can learn more about and order the True Utility LifeLite here.

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Man’s best friend – Introducing the True Utility® DAWG

DIY Multitool- DAWG- Attached to a bag

We have got some great news here at the True Utility headquarters, 2016 has delivered not one, but five exciting new products, the latest in every day carry essentials. Introducing the unusual but clever DIY multitool, the DAWG. Raising the bar in multi-tool functionality, this 14 in 1 essential tool kit is compact and, whilst being built to last. It literally eats up everyday chores. Flight safe designed so you can take it with you when travelling.

Perfect for everyday carry, this DIY multitool houses everything you need and looks good too. Enjoy its many uses – from every day DIY jobs to cracking open a cold one in the park, you’ll be depending on this mate for years to come.


– 2x Flat screwdrivers

– 6x Spanners
– Bottle opener


– Black stainless steel body

– L83 mm x W25 mm x D9 mm

Click here to learnn more about and order the DAWG.