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TU249 > sciXors®

True Utility® sciXors®


A mini pair of personal sprung scissors with quick release pull-clip for safely attaching to your key-ring. Fabricated from high grade stainless steel and cleverly incorporating a hidden spring for automatic opening.

  • Stainless steel, Black rubber
  • Sharp Cutting Scissors for your Key Ring
  • Rubber Stop for Good Leverage
  • Quick Release Pull-Clip Included
  • Key Ring Included

Product Size:
L55mm x W12mm

International currency converter

Minimalist Design

Spring assisted, rubber stop

Hangs discreetly on your key-ring

Material: stainless steel

Colour: Silver chrome, black rubber

Size: L55mm x W12mm

Weight: 15 grams

TU249; Instructions; Warranty Information

There are no videos available for True Utility® sciXors® at present. To view our YouTube page with related product demonstration videos that might be of interest click here.

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