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True Utility® Pocket Tools - Product Information for FlyEye® 7 TripodLite

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FlyEye® 7 TripodLiteFlyEye® 7 TripodLiteFlyEye® 7 TripodLiteFlyEye® 7 TripodLiteFlyEye® 7 TripodLiteFlyEye® 7 TripodLiteFlyEye® 7 TripodLiteFlyEye® 7 TripodLiteFlyEye® 7 TripodLite

TU86 > FlyEye® 7 TripodLite

True Utility® FlyEye® 7 TripodLite



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Revolutionary Wide Beam Lens, inspired by nature. The True Utility FlyEye 7 is no ordinary torch. With 7 lenses encasing 7 1W LED bulbs this torch offers magnified and light dispersing light.
Using the latest ‘straw hat’ LED technology this flashlight gives improved light dispersion that lights the area in front of you. A standard torch can shine a long distance with a bright tunnelled beam of light, but when you’re walking along you don’t need to see that tree 100m in your path. What you do need to see is the area in your immediate vicinity. The space where you’re going to be walking your next step and all that’s around you. This is exactly why the FlyEye was designed; it offers an amazing 210+ lumens of light from just 4 AAA batteries. It can be used in both full and long lasting power modes making sure the brightness and run time is in your hands. It comes with a flexible tripod so you can place or hang it wherever you need to from a tree or the top of your tent illuminating the area you are. It also comes with a belt pouch so you can have this torch to hand wherever you might be.
It’s design incorporates a lens protector so it can be placed lens down with no problems, it is also designed to stand on its tail end so you could place it in a space for a bright dispersed light. Hands free or hanging from a tree this torch really is the ultimate in flashlight experiences make sure you can see whatever you need to with the FlyEye 7 from True Utility.

  • 7x 1 WATT - 210+ LUMENS
  • Power save mode - lasts up to 6hrs - Normal Mode - up to 120mins
  • Aircraft grade aluminium body with shockproof, water resistant build quality. High quality neoprene sealing ‘O’ rings throughout
  • Tactical ON/OFF tail button
  • Toughened scratch resistant black enamel stealth finish. Lens protecting light directing head
  • Personal ballistic nylon belt pouch, with quick release Velcro belt attachment system
  • Water Resistant
  • 4xAAA batteries not included

Product Size:
L150 x W45mm

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The FlyEye® shines a super bright light all around your immediate vicinity. The lens magnifies the 7 x 1 Watt super bright LED’s to spread a beam that increases your peripheral vision and lights the area around you.

‘The FlyEye® lens has the effect of magnifying and diffusing the emitted light from each of the individual led’s, to cast light that is more evenly distributed across the width of the beam, and therefore, it has greater light definition for short range vision. It improves the performance of the beam at shorter range – which is where it is often needed, so you can actually see, more easily, what you are doing.’

Colour: Matt Black

Size: L150 x W45mm

Weight: 95 grams

Other Info: Aircraft Grade Aluminium Finished in Matt Black. Tactile Rubber On/Off Button. Tripod. Canvas Belt Loop. Canvas Belt Pouch.

TU86 FlyEye 7 TripodLite; Canvas Pouch, Flexible Tripod; Instructions; Warranty Information

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