Windproof lighters, True Utility has selection of windproof pocket and refillable lighters for you.


Durability is matched with a lightweight design

True Utility lighters are compact and useful and perfect for all outdoor activities.

Made from high grade stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminium, ensuring durability is matched with a lightweight design.

Whether you choose a windproof gas or a miniature petrol lighter; you will always have fire at your fingertips with one of our lighters.

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Retractable Flexible Plasma lighter
waterproof and windproof lighter
Plasma Lighter

Refillable fuel based lighters made from durable aluminium

Durable and refillable True Utilities fire lighters are here to bring you the warmth, from the tiny Firestash, a tiny refillable petrol key chain lighter to the powerful windproof gas powered Turbojet Firewire, constructed as all of our fuel based lighters in durable aluminium for robust and hardwearing construction.  To finished our lighter collection we have the prefect camping, outdoor enthusiasts tool and emergency survival tool the Fireranger supplied with pull-out Ferrocerium fire Striker Rod to get the fire started!