FireStash against a brown backgroud
FireStash against a brown backgroud



The smallest waterproof lighter in the World !

The FireStash lighter with its neoprene ‘O’ ring seal simply attaches to your keyring or bag. Giving you the power of fire at your fingertips come rain or shine.
Refillable with regular lighter fluid (not supplied).

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The FireStash is revolutionary in lighting fires, encased in in a waterproof canister, no fire is too big for this pocket-sized lighter. The stylish and safe design makes it the ideal companion for campers and explorers. Simply attach it to your key ring for your convenience.

With a dark chrome plated zinc alloy body, the FireStash is compact, yet tough and solid.

A neoprene ‘O’ ring secures the lighter from any water, meaning you have a working lighter even in the pouring rain. Refill the lighter like a standard lighter for repeated use.

As with all our products, this pocket-sized lighter comes with a waterproof and solid giftbox, ideal for putting your valuables in.

Additional information


Length: 45mm
Width: 15mm
Depth: 15mm




Dark chrome plated zinc alloy body


Refillable lighter (supplied without lighter fluid)
Waterproof neoprene 'O' ring
20mm split keyring attachment



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