Introducing the True® Plasma Lighter

True® Utility rechargeable Plasma Lighter with extendable neck

Looking for a lighter that's reliable, rechargeable, environmentally friendly and compact?

A plasma lighter is an energy-efficient, safe, easy-to-use and rechargeable fire starter tool. It replaces matches and can light anything from tea light candles to campfires in any environment. USB rechargeable waterproof plasma lighters are also dirt-proof, dust-proof, mud-proof and wind-proof. A gust of wind would blow out any single-use match or gas lighter, but a plasma lighter can withstand the elements.

The TRUE Plasma Lighter next generation technology is flameless, fuel-free, rechargeable, lightweight and easy to use. On a full charge, the Plasma Lighter offers the equivalent of over 300 matches in a compact design that easily fits in your pocket. The unique, retractable, and flexible neck makes it safer to use for various lighting tasks.

Suitable for everyday carry (EDC), it is also ideal for storing in an emergency kit or adding it to your backpacking and camping gear as you hit the trail. The plasma lighter relies on plasma arc technology that is windproof up to 80 MPH and the rugged design is water-resistant and even floats so it can handle whatever mother nature throws at you. The reinforced ABS body and rubberised exterior is rugged and impact resistant, so it is built to last. The plasma lighter relies on a lithium polymer battery that is USB-C rechargeable and can fully charge in as little as 1.5 hours, allowing you to recharge on the move and there's no need for refilling a lighter.

extendable plasma lighter