True Utility News

Introducing the Tweezer Tool +
Expect more from your tweezers that now acts as a multitool, which includes 5 other tools you can use in one compact package. A small tool for multiple mighty jobs. Introducing the Tweezer Tool+ the essential micro toolkit that you...
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Introducing the MYCRO Knife Sharpener
Designed for sharpening your knife on the road. You never know when you could desperately need a knife sharpener on the move. Without a sharp knife, the job can't be done to the standard required. Using it for fishing, hiking in...
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Introducing the True® Plasma Lighter
Looking for a lighter that's reliable, rechargeable, environmentally friendly and compact? A plasma lighter is an energy-efficient, safe, easy-to-use and rechargeable fire starter tool. It replaces matches and can light anything from tea light candles to campfires in any environment....
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